a Black Friday on a background of rising prices

a Black Friday on a background of rising prices

a Black Friday on a background of rising prices

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Americans celebrate Thanksgiving, which begins on November 24th. And the Black Friday that follows is usually synonymous with great discounts. But this year inflation has run its course. And the search for bargains is likely to be overshadowed.

Prices in the world’s largest economy have been skyrocketing for months. Inflation remains at 7.7% in October despite the Fed’s efforts to lessen its impact.

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A year ago it was something completely different. Supply difficulties and factory closures due to the Covid-19 pandemic have led to stockpiling. This year, manufacturers and retailers have anticipated their orders. At the risk of holding too many groceries without being able to sell them.

The merchandise glut is benefiting consumers who are bargain-hunting, particularly in electronics and clothing.

For many Americans, life has become too expensive with rising gas and food prices. Low earners are particularly affected. Many households have sought government aid during Covid-19 when consumption has stagnated. The savings thus built up begin to dwindle. While consumer credit is on the rise.

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