Confectioner M&M’S accused of “Wokisme” gives up his animated creatures

Confectioner M&M'S accused of "Wokisme" gives up his animated creatures

Confectioner M&M’S accused of “Wokisme” gives up his animated creatures

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Considered overly politicized by the conservative right in the United States and by many netizens, the cartoon characters used by M&M’S in its ads have fueled controversy.

In the crosshairs of critics is the famous M&M’S Purple, symbolizing support for the LGBTQ+ community. She is the third female character in the strip, along with Green (Green) and Brown (Brown), who represent acceptance and inclusion.

In early January, a limited-edition bundle containing only the female characters’ colors: green, brown, and purple caused a stir. The candy green was recently singled out for trading in his go-go dancing boots for comfortable trainers.

Critics accuse Mars Wrigley, M&M’S’ parent company, of “wokism,” activism, to denounce discrimination against minorities. In order not to lose market share, the centuries-old confectioner has therefore decided to abandon his beliefs. For now. In a press release, the brand states that it ” Understood ” the ” even a candy’s shoes can trigger polarization “. However, the brand adds: ” that’s the last thing we wanted because our goal is to bring people together “.

Effective immediately, the brand’s animated creature ads will be replaced by actress and humorist Maya Rudoph. A decision that was also criticized and double-edged. Surveys show that 87% of people, especially young people, are interested in brands that uphold the values โ€‹โ€‹they believe in.

In fact, 76% of the time, they boycott the products or services of companies that support a cause contrary to their beliefs.

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