Jean-Pierre Kalfon, rock in substance

Jean-Pierre Kalfon, rock in substance

Jean-Pierre Kalfon, rock in substance

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At 83 years old, Jean-Pierre Kalfon is rich in his thousand lives between cinema, theater and music. He released his first solo album. Mephistofang “. A rock and intimate musical journey, independent and free, like this rebellious dandy always looking to the future.

With his stony voice, we probably know him first from his roles on boards or on screens, in movies or on television. It must be said that he carried his acting face in nearly 70 feature films with François Truffaut, Jean-Luc Godard, Claude Lelouch, Claude Chabrol or Barbet Schröeder.

But Jean-Pierre Kalfon is a man who has lived his life at 100 per hour, perhaps even more. In his engine, a devouring passion. And in particular the passion for music, first jazz, then rock’n’roll. He shares this passion with us again today through an album with a title full of humor and ambivalence: “Méfistofélange”, a tribute to Amy Winehouse.

Mephistofang ” of Jean Pierre Kalfon went out to deviation records.

Report : direction Vienna in Austria togetherisaure hiace, where for the first time a museum dedicates a major retrospective to Jean-Michel Basquiat. An exhibition that traces his political and artistic commitment through fifty of his works, visible until January 8 at the Albertina.

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