Jimi Hendrix would have turned 80!

Jimi Hendrix would have turned 80!

Jimi Hendrix would have turned 80!

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On the occasion of the late American guitarist Jimi Hendrix’s 80th birthday, the publications are piling up and the opportunities to evoke his destiny are numerous and exciting. An illustrated book, published by Editions Petit à Petit, outlines in great detail the epic of this extravagant instrumentalist, enriched with the wise comments of Yazid Manou, press attaché and promoter of the first Jimi Hendrix festival at the Olympia in Paris, in September . 1990. Editions Glenat also published a drawn evocation of the guitar-hero from the pen of two enthusiasts, Mezzo and Dupont, already authors in 2014 of another passionate work dedicated to bluesman Robert Johnson.

On November 27, 1942, one of the future giants of the “Black Music Epic” was born in Seattle, United States. Jimi Hendrix’s musical adventure is already known to all, but choosing to tell his artistic journey through the prism of drawing is a highly relevant educational and playful matter. The power of the image reveals, in an almost palpable way, the social context in which the main character lived. Extending the line is not necessarily a caricature, it is dwelling on the pains of a tumultuous daily life.

Jean-Michel Dupont and Mezzo, authors of “Kiss the Sky” (Ed. Glénat). © Christian Rose

On “Kiss The Sky,” Mezzo and Dupont revitalize a bygone era when young Jimi Hendrix discovered the blues, confronted bigotry, and escaped a noisy home environment by immersing himself in music. This learning of adult life feeds his story until the year 1966 on the eve of a great journey to glory and fame. This first chapter in the history of Hendrix should continue with Volume 2, which is already impatiently awaited by the disciples of the famous guitarist.

Yazid Manou, author of
Yazid Manou, author of “Jimi Hendrix in comics” (Ed. Petit à Petit). © Christian Rose

Yazid Manou, for his part, punctuated with his inspired annotations the sketches of 27 illustrators who tell, page after page, the different episodes of a tormented and, ultimately, celebrated existence. Jimi Hendrix lived 27 years. The 27 designers tastefully imagine the hectic stages of a dizzying ascent. His personal style instantly identifies an era, a piece of life, an event. This Docu-BD updates the progressive evolution of a young virtuoso totally absorbed in his art, whose immense and pioneering talent will elevate him beyond the stars.

Mezzo, Jean-Michel Dupont and Yazid Manou at RFI.
Mezzo, Jean-Michel Dupont and Yazid Manou at RFI. © Christian Rose

Jimi Hendrix’s 80th birthday also legitimizes the release of an album recorded live at the Los Angeles Forum in 1969, as well as a biography, soberly titled “Jimi,” edited by John McDermott and Janie Hendrix, the guitarist’s half-sister and asset manager. Jimi Hendrix never stops writing his own legend. And to think that he only released 4 records between 1967 and 1970!

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