Guy Birenbaum, from microfiction to the great novel of life

Guy Birenbaum, from microfiction to the great novel of life

Guy Birenbaum, from microfiction to the great novel of life

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Radio and television interviewer (Europe1, France Info, RTL), tennis instructor, researcher, teacher, editor, columnist, author, blogger, Guy Birenbaum has done it all. But what he prefers in life is his family, his dog (a 35 kilo Australian shepherd) and the beaches of Trouville and Deauville. He also likes to take pictures and tell stories. “All the stories are is his first novel.

All the stories are true. © Braking Editions

“In a series of dazzling texts, a veritable puzzle that gives this hand-sewn novel the appearance of a false autobiography (where everything would be true), Guy Birenbaum crosses the ages and paints a poetic, social, nervous, tender and nostalgic. , of a France that has known or has approached, in terribly dark hours and others perfectly luminous. This bittersweet, but often funny, set caresses happy memories, meaningless encounters, sufferings and joys of a terrible child, but above everything echoes what unites us all: the love of experience.” (Presentation of Heist Editions)

The cartographer of absences
The cartographer of absences © Metalie

Meeting with Mia Couto for “The Cartographer of Absences” (Métailié) by Sébastien Jédor.

“In 2019, a cyclone completely destroyed the city of Beira, on the Mozambique coast.

A poet is invited by the city university a few days before the disaster. He rediscovers his childhood and adolescence in these streets where he lived in the 70s. He will take a trip “to the center of his soul” and there he will meet his father, a great poet committed to the fight against Portuguese colonization . He remembers trips to the place of terrible massacres perpetrated by the colonial troops. She also remembers Benedito, the servant, now the leader of FRELIMO in power, the political police inspector, the lovers who committed suicide because their skin color difference was unacceptable, the powerful Maniara, witch and photographer, and above all everything to Sandro. , his brother hidden from him.

The facts that the child who was tells us are terrible: racism, colonial stupidity, the political police, the PIDE, betrayal.

Ce roman au souffle puissant peuplé de personnages extraordinaires à l’intrigue aussi rigorouseuse que surprisente est écrit como la poésie, que Mia Couto definit como «une façon de regarder le monde et de comprendre ce qui inhabite una dimension invisible de ce qu’on nomme reality. Without this poetic dimension it is impossible to understand life”.

A magnificent novel, in the shadow of a cataclysm, the most personal written by the author, one of his best.” (Presentation of Editions Métailie)

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