The death of Danton or the crime of virtue

The death of Danton or the crime of virtue

The death of Danton or the crime of virtue

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Directed by the talented company of the Comédie Française, director Simon Delétang, new director of the Théâtre de Lorient, presents for the first time on the stage of the prestigious Salle Richelieu, the play ” the death of danton by Georg Büchner. A forceful text about a period of the extremely violent and yet foundational Revolution of the Republic.

On the stage of the Salle Richelieu, the curtain has become a tricolor flag on which is inscribed a phrase from Saint-Just: “all the arts have produced marvels, the art of governing has only produced monsters”. With the company of the Comédie Française, the director Simon Delétang presents a work that has never been performed at Molière’s house: ” Danton’s death “.

Take the look of German playwright Georg Büchner on the five days they watched the French Revolution drown in the blood of their children. This lyrical evocation of the last days of Georges Danton – guillotined by order of Robespierre on April 5, 1794 – describes the confrontation of two monsters, two enemy brothers, but raises many questions about the deadly excesses of ideology.

A play written in 1835, presented with a very eighteenth-century setting and costumes, but which nonetheless raises many current questions. Director Simon Deletang and two of the actors, Loïc Corbery who embodies Danton, and julie sicard who plays the role of his wife “Julie” are the guests of VMDN.

“The Death of Danton” is on view at the Comédie Française until June 4, 2023.

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