Duo Ruut: an Estonian story of songs, friendship and folklore

Duo Ruut: an Estonian story of songs, friendship and folklore

Duo Ruut: an Estonian story of songs, friendship and folklore

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At the age of 22, Anne-Lisett Rebane and Katariina Kivi (Duo Ruut) play and compose small minimalist nuggets on a single traditional 42-string instrument (the kannel) and thus revisit Estonian folklore for two voices and four hands. Portrait.

Duo Ruut is above all these voices in unison, those of Anne-Lisett Rebane and Katariina Kivi, who grew up and still lives today in the Baltic Sea, in Tallinn, the capital and cultural center of Estonia. A very young country, independent since 1991.

Duo Ruut is also a channel, an Estonian zither, which these two students take pleasure in experimenting with four hands, one in front of the other.

At 22, Anne-Lisett and Katarina have already created their own style: they play and compose in a new way, on one of the oldest traditional instruments in the country, minimalist little nuggets. Original music, therefore, that comes to serve texts, sometimes profane, taken from Estonian folklore.

Duo Ruut, it’s an album, tuule sounded (2019), and an EP, released in 2021, with an evocative title: Kerguseks of Kulla“golden light” in French.

Anne-Lisette and Katarina have truly illuminated with their presence, five nights in a row, the 44 Rennes Transmusicals. By the way they light any wood with their instrument (they hit it like a percussion, they strike or pluck the strings, they play it with a bow); by their connection, palpable; for its synchronization; for their humor also when they express themselves between the pieces.

I met them one morning in December, in the press area of ​​the festival, and they told me their story: an Estonian story of songs, friendship and folklore.

SessionLab by Hortense Volle : a conversation in complete privacy and in 3D audio (spatialized sound). A podcast to listen to, preferably with headphones.

Realization : Benjamin Sarralie

3D mix : Fabien Mugneret

Production : RFI Laboratory

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Titles issued:

► Single: Liisa Pehmes Sules (2022)

► Extracts from Kerguseks of Kulla (Ruut Music Duo – 2021) : Mockingbird

► Extracts from tuule sounded(2019) : Kost Laaluq Saaduq ; Kuhjalooja ; Kugel Kartlik ; Tuule Sonad ; a sulased ; Emma Transportation ; lind lohutamas ; meremehe laul ; Valiad Karja Kaia ; Huiked

And also :

extract from Mu isamaa on the arm minuin 2014, in laulupidu, the Estonian Song Festival. Laulupidu is one of the largest amateur song festivals in the world. It takes place every five years in Lauluväljak, in Tallinn, at the same time as the Estonian Dance Festival.

Extract from a giant choir to commemorate, in 2019, the 150th anniversary of Laulupidu.

title excerpt koit by Estonian composer Heino Eller (1887-1970).

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