Earth on Your Shoulders Trailer

Earth on Your Shoulders Trailer

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Under the influence of climate change, natural elements are getting fragmented, freed and degraded. But beyond worrying findings that feed a sense of urgency, there are solutions, ideas, philosophies to adapt to this changing world or to preserve what is left. Talking about green solutions with clarity and hope: that’s the podcast’s mission earth on your shoulders,

At the microphone, five correspondents are experts on the environment french public media , baukari baukari (RTS), Sophie Brems (rtbf), sandy dolphin (French Radio), etienne leblanc (Radio Canada) and jane richard (RFI).

These seasoned journalists have traveled the planet, covering COPs, studying IPCC reports and interviewing the greatest climate experts.

His unique expertise will allow him to take an informed look at technologies, nature-based solutions, and all kinds of initiatives aimed at greening our future.

Each season will be inspired by an element of nature. Water, air, sun, gas, minerals: everyone has their own problems… and their solutions!

The first season will have three episodes about water. The first episode will focus on floods, one of the most important manifestations of climate change; The second episode will sail on the seas and oceans; Finally, the last episode will be dedicated to water as a source of life and energy.

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