Ecological transition: instructions for use – it’s not air

Ecological transition: instructions for use – it’s not air

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Climate change, loss of biodiversity and increasing pollution are threats to the future of humanity. Fortunately, millions of people have become aware of this danger and are innovating in sectors as diverse as agriculture, mobility, waste management… The Transition Institute based in Lyon has been supporting these builders of the transitional economy. He has published a report on the economy and trade in transition in the Lyon region. A local dynamic symbol of ongoing global change.

speakers ,

, Martin DurigneuxPresident ofancilla and co-founder Transition Institute

, clarice removedVocational Training Coordinator at Transition Institute

, prisilia petitjeanfounder of Audacity Workshops

, Bastian Masiusco-founder of urban kennel

, Stephen Robertco-founder of reboot,

(Re-telecast on June 3, 2022).

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