after Goma, day of the “dead city” in Bukavu for the liberation of Bunagana

after Goma, day of the “dead city” in Bukavu for the liberation of Bunagana

after Goma, day of the “dead city” in Bukavu for the liberation of Bunagana

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Activity is likely to decline in several cities in eastern DRC. The civil society of the province of South Kivu calls on the inhabitants of Bukavu to observe a “dead city” day this Tuesday, September 27.

An operation similar to the one launched this Monday September 26 in Goma by civil society in North Kivu province. Objective: to question the Congolese authorities and the international community about the persistent insecurity in the east of the country. Civil society makes three demands, starting with the immediate release of Bunagana, this town in Rutshuru territory, controlled since June by the M23 rebels.

Above all, don’t forget the inhabitants of Bunagana, that is the point of these dead city operations. One way, explains Placide Nzilamba, technical secretary of the provincial coordination of civil society in North Kivu, to challenge the authorities: “ We are angry because our compatriots are suffering. These inhabitants live as if they were in hell. it must be said Some die, houses are systematically looted, schools destroyed. The government must free Bunagana.”

FARDC does not control Bunagana »

M23 militiamen have occupied Bunagana for more than three months. Today, within civil society, many point to the inaction of the armed forces. An impotence that worries Jackson Kalimba, the president of civil society in South Kivu: “ our army, the FARDC, do not control Bunagana, and this is what worries civil society. We can’t celebrate when it’s on fire with the neighbors, because tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, if we stay calm, we could end up with the same situation in Goma or Bukavu. The country is threatened with balkanization.”

In recent months, the situation in Bunagana has contributed to souring relations between the DRC and neighboring Rwanda. Kinshasa accuses Kigali of supporting the M23 rebellion, which the contest of the Rwandan authorities.

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