rescuer, close to victims of Covid, Denison Vilar is a candidate for the regional elections

rescuer, close to victims of Covid, Denison Vilar is a candidate for the regional elections

rescuer, close to victims of Covid, Denison Vilar is a candidate for the regional elections

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He is running for a parliamentary seat in next Sunday’s regional elections to take part in rebuilding a failing health system.

With our special correspondent in Manaus, Achim Lippold

It’s 35 degrees in the shade, but Denison Vilar has decided to campaign in his white Covid-era jumpsuit. So that people don’t forget what happened. ” This combination represents all the people who have lost their lives during the pandemic “, explains the savior, before breaking down in tears. “ I lost friends, colleagues. “, remember.

National and regional presidential and legislative elections will be held next Sunday. Among the themes of the campaign, the health system and the management of the pandemic. Brazil paid a high price with the death of almost 700,000 people. President Bolsonaro has been heavily criticized for his handling of the pandemic, the seriousness of which he began by denying. The city of Manaus was particularly affected by Covid and many people died because they could not be treated properly. This collapse of the health system, Denison Vilar saw it from within, as the savior of Samu. Today he is a candidate for regional deputy for the Christian Democracy party with the desire to improve patient care and the working conditions of health personnel.

Then the pain quickly gives way to anger: “ Even today, people die from lack of treatment. The State of Amazonia has just launched the construction of a veterinary hospital, for the equivalent of around one million euros. And a few weeks ago, a 6-year-old girl with leukemia died because there was no hospital bed available for her. We really need to review priorities. »

People in Manaus were dying on a massive scale

Added to this is the lack of ambulances, the delay in paying the salaries of medical personnel and endemic corruption. ” Our movement aims to hold public authorities to account. It is a corrupt system that puts medical personnel in a situation of slavery. And who kills our people. »

Même s’il n’est pas elu au parlement de l’État d’Amazonie, Denison Vilar poursuivra son combat en favor d’un système de santé que permet de sauver des vies, ce que n’a pas su faire le président sortant according to him : “ Many people say: “ah, but the president had no right to intervene.” No, that’s not true. The Supreme Court did not authorize him to intervene directly in the handling of Covid by states and municipalities, in the name of the principles of our federalism. But no one forbade the president to mobilize the armed forces to send oxygen and medical equipment. And if he had used the army to quickly build field hospitals like we did in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake, he could have saved lives.. »

The candidate continues with his recriminations about the presidential lethargy. “ But the president acted only after the mobilization of the artists when people in Manaus were already dying on a large scale. And we, the medical staff, have lived through total chaos during the pandemic. And I saw that my president, at that time, sent quantities of food to the armed forces to organize barbecues. And this while health sector employees were dying of Covid. And that we all lack equipment, medical clothing, healthy food, not to mention working conditions. »

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