Haiti has a new president in the Court of Cassation

Haiti has a new president in the Court of Cassation

Haiti has a new president in the Court of Cassation

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Jean Joseph Lebrun was sworn in yesterday in the presence of Prime Minister Ariel Henry and actors from the judicial system “, Reports The nouvelliste. The newspaper recalls that the highest Haitian court was ” without a president since the death of magistrate René Sylvestre on June 23, 2021. Jean Joseph Lebrun acknowledged that the challenges to meet were gigantic: “more than 400 ordinary and urgent cases” They are awaiting trial. While the justice system in Haiti is in a sorry state, ” unfair and subject to manipulation by powerful interests and elites “.

The new president of the Court of Cassation is an experienced jurist. If his appointment is praised by magistrate associations “, writing Alterpressis criticized by human rights organizations that emphasize its unconstitutional and arbitrary nature “. These organizations recall that according to the Haitian Constitution, it is the President of the Republic who appoints the judges of the Court of Cassation. They believe that Ariel Henry does not have the legitimacy to do so and they fear a ” political agreement of the ruling team.

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World Cup: Argentina’s surprise defeat against Saudi Arabia

And this defeat has a face: that of Lionel Messi who leaves the pitch of the Lusail stadium with his head bowed. The image is everywhere this morning. ” The shock wave has taken over the planet of football exclaims Clarion. ” Some are already talking about the “curse of Qatar” “, reports the Argentine newspaper. ” But it is clear that we were wrong when considering that this World Cup was Messi’s. It is true that Lionel was not in good shape, but neither was the rest of our team. “.

The citizen I still can’t believe it: Inconceivable ! “, exclaims the newspaper for which the defeat of Argentina against Saudi Arabia is much more than a” disappointment! It’s like a dagger in the heart! »

The editorialist of The nation is much more reflective: There is still something magical about the idea that Messi will save us from the environmental hole caused by inflation and insecurity.he writes, ” the idea that one player, no matter how talented, can unite us where we continue to divide “. Y The nation In conclusion : ” The lesson to be learned is this: football, like life, is made up of wins, but also losses. “.

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In Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro’s party calls for the invalidation of the presidential election

According to the leader of the Liberal Party, some electronic ballot boxes manufactured before 2020 would have defects, which would have prevented the president from winning his re-election in the second round. The Supreme Electoral Tribunal argued that the same voting machines were used in the first round. However, this is not disputed by the Bolsonaristas.

According to Folha de Sao Pauloeven the faithful allies of the outgoing head of state do not believe that the electoral institution will change the outcome of the presidential elections “. And besides, the members of his party admit behind the scenes that his action only serves to strengthen the protests “. The balloon underscores the silence of Jair Bolsonaro himself. President ” he is aware that any action that encourages coup initiatives will have consequences. It is not excluded, for example, that Bolsonaro becomes ineligible “, warns the newspaper.

Meanwhile, some Brazilians believe that the outgoing president has not done much work since his defeat. The PSOL, Socialism and Freedom Party, former left wing of the Workers’ Party, has taken stock: according to its official newspaper, Jair Bolsonaro has only worked 22 hours since October 31, which is less than an hour and a half. day, reports the newspaper state of mines. ” Therefore, the PSOL filed a complaint with the General Prosecutor’s Office against the Head of State. Reason: abandonment of work “.

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Bad news for Donald Trump

The former president will have to do what he has always refused to do: reveal his tax returns to Congress. It was the Supreme Court that decided thus, titled the Washington Post. An even more important disappointment for Donald Trump since the Court has a majority of conservative judges, of which he himself appointed three, recalls the New York Times.

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