Paris “regrets” the ban on French-funded NGOs

Paris "regrets" the ban on French-funded NGOs

Paris “regrets” the ban on French-funded NGOs

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Two days after the immediate ban on NGOs operating in Mali with financing or material or technical support from France, including in the humanitarian field, France regrets this Wednesday, November 23 ” a decision that is detrimental to the Malian population “.

Since 2013, official development assistance from France to Mali has represented more than 100 million euros per year. Last February, most of this aid had already been cut by France, which had stopped funding sent directly to the Malian state.

A French diplomatic source explains that this decision was taken ” to prevent this money from being used to pay off the Russian Wagner group, but also to prevent the Malian government from taking advantage of certain achievements in the eyes of the people » Considering that it is France, which has become the favorite subject of the transitional authorities, which would have financed them. Precisely for this reason, in its press release published on Monday evening, the Malian government describes the suspension of French development aid as ” no event “.

Last month, Paris decides to cut another part of its aid : the funds dedicated to development and that supply not the Mali budget, but the NGOs that work in Mali, whether they are French – there are about forty of them – Malian or of other nationalities. Some of these organizations are funded through embassy projects, others through the French Development Agency (AFD) and still others through other NGOs with whom they work in partnership or as subcontractors. Always from a diplomatic source, this part of French aid to Mali represents around twenty million euros each year.

Emergency humanitarian aid had to be maintained, around 10 million euros. Bamako decided otherwise, in the name of national sovereignty and the defense of the vital interests of the populations.

The French authorities indicate that they are in contact with the Malian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to better understand the terms of application of this decision. Meanwhile, Paris recommends that French NGOs present in Mali respect Bamako’s decision and suspend their activities.

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