The political return of Adrien Quatennens undermined by the testimony of his wife

The political return of Adrien Quatennens undermined by the testimony of his wife

The political return of Adrien Quatennens undermined by the testimony of his wife

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The wife of deputy La France insoumise recounted the ” physical and moral violence that he would have put her through for years. This story, which goes against the defense of the elect, further complicates his return to the Assembly.

It was only a matter of days. The executives of La France insoumise had begun to prepare the spirits: Adrien Quatennens was going to return to the hemicycle. Nothing prevented the deputy from doing so after two months of turning green, his sick leave had ended. But the words of Céline Quatennens come to the defense of her husband. In a press release, she denounces courage, crisis and physical and moral violence on the part of the LFI deputy for several years. ” In recent years, She continuesI wanted a divorce three times, each time under pressure, I backed down “.

The deputy” categorically denies ” these ” false accusations “His attorney Jade Dousselin responded. ” These statements come in the context of tense negotiations regarding their divorce and disagreements over the economic arrangements and custody of their son. “, she added.

A testimony to rebalance things

Revealed by the chained duck, which had denounced a handrail presented by Céline Quatennens, this case caused an earthquake in mid-September in La France insoumise. Adrien Quatennens, very close to Jean-Luc Mélenchon and one of his favorites to succeed him, resigned from his position as political coordinator and has not appeared in the Assembly since. In a lengthy press release on September 18, the 32-year-old elected official mentioned in particular ” disputes “Since the announcement by his wife of his desire to divorce, specifying for example that he has” grabbed the wrist during one of them. He also admitted having slapped “, there are ” one year », « in a context of extreme tension and mutual aggressiveness “.

No, it’s not a single slap, just once, in the middle of a divorce, as Adrien Quatennens said “, replies Céline Quatennens today, refuting any context of mutual aggressiveness. She claims to speak against her will, but to rebalance things. “ I dislike that my husband publicly minimizes the facts discrediting me. »

An unthinkable return to the hemicycle

Adrien Quatennens’ line of defense is the version adopted as is by all LFI staff. Jean-Luc Mélenchon roundly praised the ” courage ” and the ” dignity of his protégé. He even went so far as to denounce a “ lynching of the deputy Even more shocking words after reading this testimony.

The LFI leadership is trapped for having supported Adrien Quatennens at all costs. His return to the Assembly was already generating discomfort within the party and even within the other Nupe formations. It is difficult, from now on, to imagine seeing the deputy in the chamber again soon.

Adrien Quatennens is due to be heard in Lille on December 13 behind closed doors by a prosecutor in a pre-acknowledgment procedure, a guilty plea. This is an expedited procedure that avoids criminal proceedings and a public hearing because it acknowledges the facts.

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