an FIDH report evokes an “acceleration of violations” of human rights in 2022

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an FIDH report evokes an “acceleration of violations” of human rights in 2022

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The International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) on Mali presents a survey entitled “ in the center of Mali, executioners and victims coexist “, about the violations and crimes committed against the civilian population between June 2018 and June 2022. The NGO talks about a “ acceleration of serious human rights violations against civilians since the beginning of the year, including sexual violations “.

With our correspondent in Dakar, charlotte idrac

The year 2022 will probably be the deadliest in the Mali conflict since its outbreak in 2012 “. This is the first sentence of this 80 page report. FIDH collected close to a hundred testimonies, especially in the Ségou and Mopti areas. Overwhelming testimonies targeting all parties to the conflict; jihadist groups, self-defense groups, the Mali Armed Forces (Fama) therefore the defense and security forces and their Russian paramilitary partners.

Summary executions, rapes, arbitrary arrests, looting or even the establishment of a “ torture center run by the Wagner Group » in Diabaly… The civilian populations of central Mali « live in hell according to FIDH. The NGO denounces a “ militancy ” and one ” ethnicization of the conflict “ Fulani communities are the first targets of human rights violations, says the report.

Faced with this situation, “ the reign of impunity “contributes” maintain a spiral of violence “. Investigations have been opened, according to the Malian authorities, but ” no convincing results “says the FIDH. Among the obstacles to justice, according to the organization: security difficulties, insufficient means, but also and above all ” lack of political will “.

bamako denies

For its part, the Mali government reacted to this FIDH report with a series of observations. Bamako” regrets the negative position taken by FIDH on the notable progress ” of the Malian army in the fight against terrorism, and assures that Fame will act ” with strict respect for human rights “The Malian authorities denounce the accusations made” no tangible evidence […] to tarnish the image of the Malian forces “. Bamako also denies any ethnic attack against the Fulani community, stating that “ alleged human rights violations brought to the attention of the authorities have always been dealt with diligently of military justice.

Normally, the executioner must be prosecuted and normally the victim must be insured. Unfortunately, in the case of Mali, we realize that the victims are not accompanied, they are not followed, and sometimes they are even presented by the authorities as perpetrators or relatives of perpetrators of rapes.

I Drissa Traoré, Secretary General of FIDH

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