Deputies approve a bill to better regulate online comments

Deputies approve a bill to better regulate online comments

Deputies approve a bill to better regulate online comments

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In Côte d’Ivoire, the National Assembly approved on Tuesday a bill to better regulate the conditions for the exercise of the online press. From now on, the director of a publication will be “civilly responsible for the comments” that accompany articles published online.

With our correspondent in Abidjan, Bineta Diagne

Main objectives of this bill on the legal regime of the press: to clarify the condition of publication director of an online press body and to better regulate the comments published on articles on the Internet. Because in the text, the legislator starts from an observation: ” the frequency of infringements related to comments recorded under online news articles “.

Therefore, the object of this law is stop the xenophobic, hateful and offensive terms that are constantly broadcast there ” Y “ to avoid that hate speech become the norm under the pretext of freedom of expression “.

From now on, according to article 26 of this bill, the director of the publication will be civilly responsible of these comments. Any non-compliance is subject to a fine of up to 40 million FCFA.

“An open door to all abuses”

But ” attributing blame to the director of the publication is an open door to all abuses “, concerns the deputy Antoine Tiemoko. Because to date, websites have no moderator. ” They would have to be trained, hired, paid… This would increase the costs of the websites “Explains this deputy, himself a former journalist.

Despite these reservations, the bill was approved by the majority of the deputies. It still has to be discussed in the Senate for a second reading and the President of the Republic then has thirty days to promulgate the law.

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