official report points to mismanagement of relief operations

official report points to mismanagement of relief operations

official report points to mismanagement of relief operations

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In Tanzania, after the crash of a plane in Lake Victoria in early November, a report from the Ministry of Transport published on Tuesday points the finger at the chaotic management of emergency services. Nineteen people died on November 6 when the Kenyan company’s Precision Air plane kenya airways plunged into the waters of the largest lake in Africa. She was carrying 43 passengers. If there had been immediate rescue operations, more people could have been saved according to the report.

Poorly equipped, slow, disorderly, the preliminary report of the Ministry of Transport of Tanzania, raises multiple dysfunctions of the rescue teams.

First, the fact that there was only one lifeboat planned for 43 passengers. Then, the response time: five hours, while the alert had been given 15 minutes after the accident. Once there, ” divers were unable to work due to lack of oxygen in their scuba tanks and lack of fuel “, underlines the report.

Finally, thanks to the intervention of a crew member and a passenger, the twenty-six survivors were able to get out of the aircraft. They could then be recovered by local fishermen, the first to arrive at the site. Since then, the local press has praised one of the fishermen, claiming that he would have received 1 million Tanzanian shillings, or 400 euros, for his bravery.

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Rescue teams attempt to rescue passengers from the Precision Air Flight aircraft, which crashed into Lake Victoria in Bukoba, Tanzania on November 6, 2022. REUTERS – STRINGER

Police attribute the reason for the accident to bad weather conditions. An investigation into the exact circumstances is ongoing. President Samia Suhulu Hassan ordered the country’s emergency response to be stepped up after the crash, Tanzania’s worst plane crash in decades.

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