the dialogue framework opens without the main political parties

the dialogue framework opens without the main political parties

the dialogue framework opens without the main political parties

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Today the opening ceremony of the Inter-Guinean dialogue framework was held in Conakry. The authorities, political parties and civil society will discuss until December 15 the different actions to be carried out during this transition. This new attempt at dialogue is sponsored by the international community. An initiative of the military junta meant associating the largest number of actors in conducting the transition for the return of civilians to power. Dialogue that opens in a climate of strong mistrust.

With our correspondent in Conakry, matias reynal

Many ambassadors attended, the United States, the European Union, among others. In the middle of the afternoon, three hours after the official program, the Guinean Prime Minister, Bernard Goumou, finally made his entrance, accompanied by the ECOWAS mediator.

“The transitional president entrusted me with the management of this framework with the mission of bringing our compatriots to the table to reach a consensual and peaceful agreement on the future of the Republic of Guinea”, declared the Guinean Prime Minister.

Bernard Goumou launched an appeal to the parties that have not yet joined the dialogue. The RPG, the Anad or even the FNDC policy. Heavyweights who felt the preconditions for opening discussions were not met.

From the podium, Thomas Boni Yayi addresses ” those who are not yet » :

I would like to speak as a mediator with a particular focus on those who are not there yet and I will say that the dynamic is there. The work of rapprochement must continue among the sons and daughters of this country “.

The ECOWAS mediator will be in charge of coordinating the dialogue framework, with the head of the Guinean government.

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