Chinese-Canadian singer Kris Wu sentenced to 13 years in prison for rape

Chinese-Canadian singer Kris Wu sentenced to 13 years in prison for rape

Chinese-Canadian singer Kris Wu sentenced to 13 years in prison for rape

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Superstar Kris Wu has been sentenced to 13 years in prison in China. The Chinese-Canadian singer is accused of raping a Chinese student when she was 17 years old. She should be deported at the end of her sentence.

With our correspondent in Beijing, Stephane Lagarde

An exemplary sentence for a case that caused a great scandal in China. At the age of 32, Wu Yifan, alias Kris Wu, was sentenced to ” eleven years and six months in prison for rape by the Chaoyang Court in Beijing, as well as one year and ten months in detention for the “crime of assembling with a view to committing adultery”. To this, the Treasury added, a few hours after the sentence, a fine of 600 million yuan -more than 80 million euros- for tax evasion.

jail and deportation

Recognized by the courts as guilty of three rapes between November and December 2020, one of them involving a minor, the Chinese-Canadian singer has always denied the facts: “ I only met Miss Du once, during a party with friends, he explained the latter after his arrest. There was no deceitful rape and no one forced anyone to take drugs or alcohol to rape her. »

Their arrest in the summer of 2021 in Beijing sparked a media storm that sparked the movement I also in China. Brands such as Louis Vuitton, L’Oréal and Porsche, for which he was an ambassador, have suspended their association with the singer.

The authorities, who usually avoid giving too much publicity to these trials, see censoring this type of business, applauded his arrest. ” You must respect Chinese law on Chinese soil said the CCP Legal Affairs Committee, village newspaper stating that the more popular you are, the more you should lead by example.

Henceforth, both in police reports and in newspaper articles, the accent was placed on “ Canadian nationality of the star Some netizens have called for not only the ” go back to canada », but also to change it to meng wanzhou, the Huawei heiress then under house arrest in Vancouver. Kris Wu will be deported at the end of his sentence, the court said.

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