for the industrialization of Africa, “we must rethink the models”

for the industrialization of Africa, "we must rethink the models"

for the industrialization of Africa, “we must rethink the models”

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The extraordinary summit of the African Union on industrialization and the Zlecaf (African Continental Free Trade Area) opened this Friday in Niamey. Fifteen Heads of State and Government participated. Important decisions and commitments on the industrial development of Africa are expected.

With our correspondent in Niamey, Moussa Kaka

He is the president of Rwanda, Paul Kagame, entrusted by the Senegalese president and president of the African Union Macky Sall, who inaugurated the procedure this Friday in Niamey. This extraordinary summit aims to address the industrialization of Africa, an issue that impacts the development of the continent.

For African Union Commission Chairman Moussa Faki, the 2008 economic development action plan for Africa fell short. ” Today, we must identify the factors that have hindered the development of Africa and rethink the models “, he declared.

The African continent absent from world trade

And the experts have certified it: industrialization, the diversification of the economy and Zlecaf are key to the development of Africa. The day the industrialization of Africa and Zlecaf become a reality, Africa will prosper and be at peace, she concluded.

Despite its wealth in raw materials, the African continent is absent from world trade, Niger’s President Mohamed Bazoum said. According to him, the participation of Africa does not exceed 4%. Among African countries, this proportion is only 17%.

A striking observation that calls for appropriate responses: connect regional rail networks, invest massively in education and new communication technologies, or even unleash the energies of African entrepreneurs. President Mohamed Bazoum concluded by stating that African countries cannot do without fossil fuels for their development.

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