More than 5,700 schools closed in Burkina Faso due to insecurity

More than 5,700 schools closed in Burkina Faso due to insecurity

More than 5,700 schools closed in Burkina Faso due to insecurity

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In Burkina Faso, insecurity has caused the closure of more than 5,700 schools, according to the latest report from the Technical Secretariat for Education in Emergency Situations, which depends on the Ministry of Education.

Over a million children are affected by school closures. Among them, most were able to re-enroll in other establishments, according to the ministry, which still has 51,000 children out of school. And the pressure on the schools in operation becomes difficult to bear.

In the Sahel, Este or Boucle du Mouhoun region, teachers have become targets of armed men, explains Koudougou Robert Kaboré, general secretary of the National Union of Education Officials. “ Among the representatives of the state, the elderly are expelled. Many are killed, including students, continues the secretary of the organization. The teaching of French, the terrorist group does not want it. So it still creates a psychosis. According to the ministry, about 29,000 teachers are affected by insecurity.

vulnerable children

22% of educational structures in Burkina Faso are now closed. This situation exacerbates children’s vulnerability to insecurity, according to Hubert Ouedraogo, Advocacy Officer at Save The Children: We recently carried out a study that showed that when children cannot go to school, the risks of their being recruited by armed groups become enormous. When girls are in conflict-affected areas, the chances that they will give themselves up in marriage increase by 20%. »

The Burkina Faso government has released 3 billion CFA francs to deal with this situation. Germaine Kaboré, Technical Secretary for Education in Emergencies. “ We are building temporary learning spaces, we are training teachers to do the double shift. We also do the course for community teachers in the localities where all the elderly have left and the students have stayed in these shock zones. »

Therefore, the government intends to send all children in Burkina Faso to school before the end of the year.

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