Paris, London and Dunkirk pay tribute to the 27 drowned a year ago

Paris, London and Dunkirk pay tribute to the 27 drowned a year ago

Paris, London and Dunkirk pay tribute to the 27 drowned a year ago

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One year ago, on November 24, 2021, 27 migrants, 27 exiles, drowned after their ship sank between France and the UK, despite their calls for help. Twenty-seven people, and even 31 counting those whose bodies have not been found. Tributes were paid to them on November 24 in Paris, London and Dunkirk, not far from the beach from which they embarked. A few hundred people marched in silence from the Dunkerque town hall to the Malo-les-Bains beach, between sadness and anger.

It was by the light of the candles they held in their hands that 200 to 300 people walked to the beach at Malo-les-Bains, not far from where the men, women and children disappeared at sea a year ago she had embarked to try to have a better life.

They are men, women and children, and we must never forget that, says the former mayor of Grande-Synthe, now MEP for Europe Ecology-the Greens, Damien Carême at the microphone oferic chaurin of R.F.I. Nearly €1.4 billion has been spent since 1995 to maintain the coastline at Calais. Wouldn’t it be better to spend that money on providing better hospitality instead of letting people roam, instead of constantly harassing them, instead of confiscating their belongings and having a policy that goes against international conventions? That is the first thing, is not to forget these men, these women and these children. »

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Nothing has changed a year later.

Nor should we forget that his death could have been prevented if the distress calls they made that night had been taken seriously by the Cross operators, the Cap Gris – Nose Regional Maritime Surveillance and Rescue Operations Center, in charge of coordinating the bailing out. The gendarmes in charge of investigating the circumstances of this sinking question the behavior of the French rescuers, the newspaper reported. The world who consulted a summary note from the investigation section of the maritime gendarmerie of Cherbourg (Manche). The Cross thus refused to send a rescue ship, despite the insistent requests of the British rescuers.

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Some means like The world Where The chained duck revealed the content and timeline of the horrific exchanges. Claire Millot, a volunteer from the Salam association, is still in shock after her revelations: “ When you hear someone say: “You have your feet in the water, too bad, you won’t be saved, I didn’t ask you to leave”; when you hear them say: “Flamingo [un patrouilleur français, NDLR] He’s on his way to rescue them”, and to the passing cargo ship: ”No no, you can continue on your way, lifeguards are arriving” and that it’s not true, that there is no lifeboat, we say to ourselves: but it’s incredible! it’s not possible! »

And yet, a year later, Nothing has changed and everything is ready for a new drama to emerge.

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