supporters looking for alcohol

supporters looking for alcohol

supporters looking for alcohol

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In Qatar it is forbidden to drink alcohol on the street and its consumption is very limited. In addition, FIFA and the country’s authorities have banned the sale of alcohol around the stadiums. So how do fans around the world manage to consume it on the spot? They find their happiness, for example, in the Fan Zone set up in Doha during the World Cup.

From our Special Envoy in Doha,

It’s almost 7 pm in Doha and a group of Ecuadorian fans are desperately waiting for the stands of the Fan Festival to open. Naturally, they sell alcohol there, and some feel like having a beer. For that, they waited in line for an hour and a half. ” it’s like an orgasmyells one of them. Fantastic ! Almost like a goal from the equator… Victory for Ecuador! »

The pint was gone in seconds and Jorge, still thirsty, planned to queue again to get the Grail: “ It is pure emotion. We finally have our beers! It’s 200 Qatari riyals for the four pints, but hey, it’s well worth the wait and money. »

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A Mondial without beers does not exist! »

Two hundred rials, which corresponds to almost 60 euros, for two liters of beer. A priori prohibitive for some pockets, but like Walter, a Mexican fan, who came with his family, the price in the end does not matter: ” It’s magic. The truth is that we come to like Qatar a lot. Enjoying this beer is wonderful… Because for me, a Mondial without beer doesn’t exist! »

Unthinkable for Mexicans who come across a group of Saudis, future adversaries of their group, and who, after trying to hide that they were drinking, ended up explaining why they had allowed themselves to be tempted. ” Yeah, we’re in a place where it’s allowed, so that’s fine with me, trust one of them. And then it shows that we can have fun in Qatar. In fact, those who want to will do so without any problems, and the others will not, and luckily. Basically, it is giving what you want to everyone. »

Be careful not to drink too much. Being intoxicated on the streets of Qatar is a serious offense that can result in imprisonment.

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