Semeru volcano erupts on the island of Java

Semeru volcano erupts on the island of Java

Semeru volcano erupts on the island of Java

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The Semeru volcano on the island of Java erupted on Sunday and authorities declared a high alert, a year after a deadly disaster in which thousands of people had been displaced.

Located in the east of the island of Java, of which it is the highest point with an altitude of 3,676 meters, Mount Semeru spewed out an ash cloud about 1.5 kilometers high on Sunday. No casualties were reported immediately after the eruption, but the PVMBG spokesperson advised nearby residents to stay at least 8 kilometers from the crater. Authorities also asked people to avoid a 13-kilometre-long area along a river, where the volcanic ash cloud was moving.

Shelters have been set up to house displaced people and authorities have distributed masks to nearby residents to protect them from air pollution from ash. Videos circulating on social media show plumes of smoke rising from Mount Semeru and at least one town covered in ash and bathed in a dark mist. After the eruption, the internet was cut off and the mobile phone network was faulty, according to an AFP journalist.

A region with high seismicity

For its part, the Japan Meteorological Agency has warned of a possible tsunami, caused by the eruption of the Indonesian volcano, on the islands of Miyako and Yaeyama, in the extreme south of the Japanese archipelago, according to the Kyodo agency. An hour later, however, no damage was reported.

the last eruption of Mount Semeru, as of December 2021, had killed at least 51 people. Mudslides and ash engulfed entire villages and nearly 10,000 people had to flee their homes. Indonesia is located in the Pacific Ring of Fire, where the meeting of continental plates causes strong volcanic and seismic activity. Yesterday, Saturday, a powerful earthquake hit the island of Java, injuring one person. In the same region, another earthquake killed more than 330 people two weeks earlier.

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