Sweden deports a Kurdish man to Turkey where he was convicted

Sweden deports a Kurdish man to Turkey where he was convicted

Sweden deports a Kurdish man to Turkey where he was convicted

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For Recep Tayep Erdogan, it is a political victory. A Kurdish man accused by Turkey of being a member of the PKK was expelled from Sweden on Saturday and sent back to Istanbul. The Turkish media, close to power, explained that the man was brought before a court, before being jailed. If this expulsion is to be understood in the context of Sweden’s application for NATO membership, subject to Turkey’s agreement, it appears above all that the Swedish government is actually benefiting from an administrative decision that Ankara likes.

With our correspondent in Stockholm, Charlotte Morteo

Mahmut Tat is the name of this Kurdish man, who should have left Swedish territory on his own a year ago. In fact, his asylum application, submitted in 2015 after his sentence by Turkey to six years in prison for having had links with the PKKlinks that he has always denied, had been rejected by Sweden.

Like other rejected applicants, not knowing where to go, this Kurd from Turkey stayed in Sweden, where he worked and rebuilt his life. On November 22, he was searched on the road and detained, finding himself in an irregular situation. Faced with the harsher deportation policy that the new government intends, the immigration services put him on a plane, with another Turk, bound for Istanbul.

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An administrative expulsion with airs of extradition

On paper, it is therefore an administrative expulsion, and not an extradition that took place. Extradition is governed by a whole set of rules: in particular, it cannot be granted for political and military crimes and must be approved by the courts: an attorney general, or even the Supreme Court.

Probably because Mahmut Tat was an easy target, neither a refugee nor a Swedish citizen, and without documents, Sweden is happy to let Turkey instrumentalize this situation as a victory. Using a legal justification for its opinion, the Swedish government managed to satisfy Ankara, which had not even asked for Mahmut Tat on its list of extraditable persons.

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For the Kurdish community in Sweden, which immediately reacted on social media, this is a very bad sign. They are outraged to see that the immigration services obviously no longer take into account for deportations the fact that Kurds are oppressed in Turkey and tortured in prison.

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