A WHO doctor kidnapped in Ménaka

A WHO doctor kidnapped in Ménaka

A WHO doctor kidnapped in Ménaka

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The World Health Organization, which made the information public on Tuesday, said in its press release that ” the reason for the kidnapping is unknown “.

Dr. Mahamadou Diawara was kidnapped on Monday, January 23″ by unidentified persons “while driving” in his car in the middle of the city. According to the WHO press release, its driver ” was also robbed and abandoned by the kidnappers “.

Deployed in Ménaka since the beginning of 2020, Dr. Diawara has experience in difficult terrain: this Malian surgeon crossed the Timbuktu region in 2012, during the occupation of the north by jihadist groups, before spending several years in Gao and then asking to be assigned to Ménaka, according to information transmitted by the WHO.

This region has been experiencing for almost a year a bloody struggle for influence between the jihadists of the Group to Support Islam and Muslims (Jnim, its acronym in Arabic), linked to al-Qaeda, and their rivals from the Islamic State group.

So far, the kidnapping of the WHO doctor has not been claimed. ” They are usually simple bandits who demand a ransom after a few days. “Said a local security source. Kidnappings of humanitarians are frequent in Mali, by jihadist groups or by simple criminals. Sometimes to treat their wounded, more often to get money.

In its press release, the WHO indicates that it is collaborating with local authorities. to investigate the kidnapping and guarantee prompt return from the doctor

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