Brighton children confirmed missing

Brighton children confirmed missing

Brighton children confirmed missing

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Seventy-six missing asylum-seeking children, it’s happening in the south of England, in Brighton. A figure confirmed by the police. Refugee aid associations fear that some of these minors have been kidnapped by criminal networks.

With our correspondent in London, Maria Boeda

137 minors have been reported missing in the last 18 months. And only 61 have been found according to the police. In the UK, unaccompanied and illegally arrived children are temporarily placed in hotels run by the Home Office.

picked up outside »

An anonymous source, a member of the security agency in charge of monitoring these establishments, spoke to The Observer newspaper. According to this, “ some children are literally picked up outside the building and not found “. Today it is impossible to know what has become of these seventy-six missing people. Last year, the police arrested two men on suspicion of trafficking. Two young refugees were in their car.

No more unaccompanied minors in the hotel

But, according to the Ministry of the Interior, it is false to say that all these children were kidnapped. They are free to leave the accommodation, some join their family or friends who live there. However, the government acknowledges that it intends to stop sending unaccompanied minors to hotels; this measure should end in February 2023. For its part, the Brighton City Council declares that it has alerted the authorities for several months and calls this morning for an emergency meeting with the ministers to put an end, it says, to “ a dangerous situation “.

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