towards a common South American currency?

Brazil and Argentina welcome the signing of several cooperation agreements

towards a common South American currency?

As a preamble to the Celac summit, which opened on Tuesday in Buenos Aires, the Brazilian president, Lula, booked his first official visit abroad to Argentina since Monday. On this occasion, the two countries announced that they wanted to create a common currency in the region. she would be called ” sure ” (the South “).

The objective is first to stop the drop in trade between Argentina and Brazil, the two giants of South America, he explains. The nation. It is not a single currency, like the euro, but a fixed transaction rate between the currencies of the two neighboring countries, to facilitate bilateral trade.

That said, the obstacles are still very numerous, says Page 12. First, due to the very high inflation in Argentina, interest rates are radically different from those in Brazil (75% in Argentina vs. 14% in Brazil). For an economist interviewed by the newspaper, this project would not see the light of day” only in the medium term “Maybe. The monetary integration of South America, therefore, is not for tomorrow.

Maduro cancels trip to Argentina

The Venezuelan President I was afraid of justice “, assures the newspaper Clarion, after the cancellation of Nicolás Maduro’s trip to Argentina, on the occasion of the CELAC (Community of Latin American and Caribbean States) summit, which opened this Tuesday in Buenos Aires. ” It’s a direct loss “, for the conservative newspaper The nation. Nicolás Maduro dreamed of signing his great return on the international and regional stage, but the mobilization of the Argentine right and Venezuelan exiles in Buenos Aires prevented him, the newspaper believes.

The argument advanced in the Caracas statement on Monday, invoking an alleged right-wing plan. neo fascist “, which would have targeted the Venezuelan delegation, is ” an excuse taken from the manual of conspiracies and paranoia used so many times in 24 years of chavismo “, accuses the regional correspondent of The nation.

Peru: new protests and complaint to the ICC

Students will take to the streets this Tuesday, headline announcement The Republicwho laments that Congress ” Take your time and that the heir party of former dictator Alberto Fujimori seeks to delay the vote of the deputies that would allow early elections to be organized. Congress runs the risk of resuming its work only in mid-February, while demonstrations have continued since early December (and the removal of President Pedro Castillo) to demand that the date of the next legislative elections be brought forward.

The left-wing national newspaper also echoes a complaint filed by a group of lawyers from Arequipa (south) against President Dina Boluarte before the International Criminal Court (ICC). a complaint for crimes against humanity “, which also points to several ministers. This is in addition to the ongoing investigation against the president of her country for ” homicide » and crime of « genocide “. If he leaves power, the former ally of Pedro Castillo could take a risk” 15 to 20 years in prison “, estimates a lawyer also interviewed by The Republic.

United States: second shooting in 48 hours in California

A man opened fire on two farms near San Francisco, killing at least seven people, while another attack had already left eleven dead Saturday night at a dance hall popular with the Asian community in suburban Los Angeles. .

Before we can mourn the dead of Monterey Park, we are already facing another shooting. “laments a local elected official quoted by the Los Angeles Times. Again, several victims are workers of Chinese origin, killed in the middle of the Chinese New Year celebration, laments a representative of the county.

On the site and in the paper version of the Californian newspaper, there are many photos of candles that, in the middle of the American night, illuminate the faces of members of the Asian community who have come to pay tribute to the victims of the Monterey. Park ballroom. , on the outskirts of Los Angeles.

If we don’t already know the motivations of the two shooters (one would have acted out of jealousy, for personal reasons, the police think at the moment), these shootings are particularly shocking in this Monterey Park district that was presented as Asian. -American integration model. This is underlined in a column in the same newspaper by a history professor at the University of San Francisco. ” Why there ? Why are Asians victimized once again? citing murders in the last three years against this community. If the violence affects the whole country, the Asian community” he was forced to learn to live on high alert permanently, he regrets

In Brazil, news about the murder of Bruno Pereira and Dom Philips

The sponsor of the murder of journalist Dom Philips and anthropologist Bruno Pereira has been identified, says the federal police in the state of Amazonas, where the two men were murdered last June. This is a man nicknamed ” Columbia “, suspected of being in charge of a criminal gang linked to illegal fishing in the region, the newspaper says Folha de Sao Paulo. According to information fromThe balloon on your site, this man is already in prison, and could be charged with murder in the coming days.

Many obstacles for the #MeToo also in Cuba

At the end of 2021, five women testified in independent media The sneeze against a singer and supporter of the regime: Fernando Becquer. Last October, he was sentenced to prison for sexually assaulting at least six women, but his sentence was adjusted, allowing him to stay home.

The lightness of the sentence aroused the anger of the victims, especially since on social networks, the singer published misogynistic texts in early January, against the MeToo movement and feminist associations. The posts created an uproar. Fernando Bécquer was reportedly finally arrested and jailed earlier this month. Information confirmed on January 12 in a press release from a court in Havana.

But this Monday again, The sneeze I kept doubting this information: the singer Is he really in jail? Or are you under house arrest? Given the lack of transparency of the Cuban institutions, denounced by the digital media, the journalist who revealed the matter still doubts.

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