Victims of influencers file a complaint for fraud and breach of trust

Victims of influencers file a complaint for fraud and breach of trust

Victims of influencers file a complaint for fraud and breach of trust

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The Association for Aid to Victims of Influencers (AVI) announced on Monday the presentation of two collective complaints that group 88 joint complaints for “fraud of organized gangs, criminal associations and breach of trust.” This action, unprecedented in its scale, questions the practices of a couple of influencers, Marc and Nadé Blata.

About 2,500 euros a month, for life, trips, gifts… This is the tempting promise that influencers make to their community. In exchange, you have to buy NFTs, these digital certificates of authenticity of a virtual object. The object in question is an Animoon, a kind of creature from a future video game, largely inspired by the Pokémon universe, without any association having been signed. The project raised $6.3 million, from the pockets of Internet users around the world. But, several months after the launch of the pre-sale campaign, nothing. The authors give no news of the project and none of the promised cents has been paid.

One of the influencers who promoted it is Marc Blata, a former reality contestant, who now lives in Dubai. He is also the subject of the second complaint filed by the group.

Financial products

He and his wife, Nadé, are said to have encouraged their community to make business copy. A practice intended in particular for people who are new to investing and which consists of reproducing the transaction patterns of experienced investors. But it is prohibited in France to advertise financial products considered particularly risky.

All the victims evoke the feeling of legitimacy that inspires the couple with 7 million subscribers. Which is why they thought it was good to trust him.

The process is ” a first “, according to the AVI Collective (help for victims of influencers) that started it, and which indicates in a press release that it wants” warn the public about the dangers of promoting certain unscrupulous “stars” ” Y ” point out the passivity of the platforms while encouraging other victims to file a complaint.

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