a record number of asylum seekers, but few resources

a record number of asylum seekers, but few resources

a record number of asylum seekers, but few resources

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A record number of asylum seekers arrived in Canada in 2022, just under 100,000. Almost two-thirds of these people end up in Quebec, despite the fact that this province represents less than a quarter of the Canadian population.

With our correspondent in Quebec, Pascale Guerícolas

Faced with the influx of refugees, often destitute, immigrant aid organizations are clamoring. They demand more resources, but also a relaxation of the rules to better accommodate this vulnerable population.

Difficult access to resources

In theory, asylum seekers who arrive in Quebec benefit from free services to learn the language, find housing, prepare documents to obtain refugee status. Except that the influx of the last few months makes access to resources much more difficult. Somehow, community associations, especially in Montreal, are trying to meet the needs. Except that they lack the financial means, particularly to help them become French.

When you don’t have the language, which is French, you can’t have a job, that’s for sure. He now speaks French so no! We close classes because there are no teachers. it’s just ridiculous “says a social worker.

Prejudicial administrative disputes

Another problem is administrative disputes between the Quebec and Canadian governments that limit the type of service to which asylum seekers are entitled. Together, the aid organizations are therefore calling on the authorities to finally get involved in a humanitarian crisis, the scale of which could yet escalate.

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