Against pension reform, Nupes and RN present referendum motion

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Against pension reform, Nupes and RN present referendum motion

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Les députés Nupes et RN ont annoncé, mardi 24 janvier, le dépôt de demandes de référendum sur la réforme des retraites, l’une delles devant être examinée le 6 fevrier, au coup d’envoi des débats à l’Assemblée nationale dans two weeks. A way to shorten the opposition by rejecting the plain text.

The referendum motion is Nupes’ new secret weapon against the pension reform project. At the initiative of the communists, a hundred deputies from the left alliance presented a “referendum motion” on Tuesday, January 23, then the deputies from RN. The purpose of these requests is to suspend the examination of a text in order to submit it to a referendum.

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The road is still long. If the Assembly and then the Senate vote in favour, Emmanuel Macron will have to decide whether or not the pension reform will go through a referendum. And given the discontent of the French over the issue, the union of the left hopes to lead the head of state to consult the country. ” If you really want to put an end to this reform, you will have to go through a referendum. is the minimum », believes Pierre Dharréville, communist deputy, at the microphone ofAurelien Devernoix from the Policy Department.

Republicans question

Only one of these motions will be submitted to the vote of the Assembly, before the general discussion of the bill. The decision will be made at the conference of presidents at the Palais Bourbon. The president of the National Association Jordán Bardella in any case affirmed that his formation was ready to vote on the motion of the Nupes. ” We have no problem signing any referendum motion, as that is exactly what we are advocating for: going before the French “, underlines Sébastien Chenu, deputy of the National Assembly.

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Nupes can already count on the support of the group of independents. But the decision will fall just as often to the Republicans, some like Pierre-Henri Dumont who questions his intention and that of his comrades: “ If this text is not improved, it is certain that there will be more people who will be tempted to abstain, or to vote why not, in favor of a motion. The message is clear: the government will have to make further concessions to the right, otherwise the situation could well get out of control.

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