Algerian Chief of Staff Saïd Chengri received in Paris

Algerian Chief of Staff Saïd Chengri received in Paris

Algerian Chief of Staff Saïd Chengri received in Paris

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This is the first visit in seventeen years by an Algerian official of this rank to Paris. Algiers places this visit within the framework of cooperation between the armies of the two countries.

These Parisian meetings are the continuation of those in Algiers that took place last August, during the trip of President Macron, which redirected the bilateral relationship.

It is a further step towards what President Macron describes as “a new era of Algerian-French relations”, or ” a new relationship of trust if we quote President Tebboune.

Algiers and Paris remain discreet about the nature of the exchanges that took place, at the Élysée, in the presence of the Chief of Staff of the French Armed Forces, but just as during the bilateral meetings last summer, if one is to believe the Algerian media, the security situation in the Sahel and military cooperation were at the center of the issues.

Algeria has found itself, since the war in Ukraine, in a delicate position. It tries to strike a very difficult balance in its historical and strategic relations with Moscow and its relations with European countries, as well as with the United States.

European countries that need Algerian gas are in competition. Algiers favored Rome over Paris and signed gas contracts with Italy.

Will Algeria offer Paris its services in the Sahel in exchange, while France’s influence weakens in several countries in the region? The question is asked.

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