What are tanks used for on the battlefield?

What are tanks used for on the battlefield?

What are tanks used for on the battlefield?

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Germany announced this Wednesday morning that it would provide tanks leopard 2 in Kyiv and authorize its allies to do the same so that the Ukrainian army can face the Russian military offensive. RFI assisted French tank deployments leclerc in Romania as part of a NATO reinsurance mission, where this team is prominent.

With our special envoy in Romania, Frank Alexander

Six-minute punches, in every direction, as he rolls. But for these tanks to be effective, they must be supported by infantry and artillery. Because if the tanks fire far, they are vulnerable close during contact with the enemy.

In the combat phase, the tanks are in front, recalls Captain Sylvain of the 1st Hunter Regiment. If the mood went down and we were no longer in contact with the enemy, then we would keep the tanks in the rear for protection. LAV (light armored vehicle, editor’s note) which, in turn, are lighter, more discreet, would pass in the first echelon and report on the enemy. The tanks can reach 70 kilometers per hour in open terrain. To this day, no system is capable of destroying a target that exceeds 50 kilometers per hour “.

Essential tanks for Ukraine

Therefore, tanks are essential in Kyiv. There is no example of war without tanks, insists Lt. Col. Vincent, Chief of Operations for Battle Group Aigle. ” The Army in particular does not conceive of its defense without a tank capacity that remains, as we have seen, in open terrain where mobility is difficult, he said. The best thing about the battlefield is how quickly the tank can clear the ground and cross that compartment which is dangerous, because there is no mask. The main battle tank remains an essential asset, especially in Central Europe “.

To relaunch the offensive, the Ukrainian forces believe they need a large number of tanks. 300 units would be the goal.

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