2023 begins under the sign of violence, more than one Palestinian killed per day

2023 begins under the sign of violence, more than one Palestinian killed per day

2023 begins under the sign of violence, more than one Palestinian killed per day

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The year 2023 begins with a macabre balance in the Palestinian Territories, due to violence and the Israeli occupation. Since the beginning of the year, 24 Palestinians have been killed by the army or by Jewish settlers in the West Bank. Eight Palestinians were killed and a dozen seriously injured on Thursday, January 26, during an Israeli raid on Jenin.

With our correspondent in Jerusalem,

The year 2023 begins as 2022 ended, with a macabre record. More than one death per day, in this month of January. At this rate, it could be worse than last year, already considered the deadliest for Palestinians in two decades, and the end of the second intifada. In 2022, there were 144 deaths according to the Israeli human rights NGO B’Tselem. Nearly 170, according to a tally by the Palestinian authorities.

Who are these Palestinians, who die almost every day, under the bullets of the Israeli forces? The Israeli army says most of the dead are armed fighters. “ False ! “, writes the newspaper Ha’aretzwho conducted the investigation. According to this Israeli newspaper, less than half of the Palestinians killed in 2022 had a weapon on them. The rest are civilians, collateral victims of the occupation.

Near total immunity for Israeli soldiers

The Israeli soldiers, responsible for all these deaths, risk absolutely nothing. Full immunity. Roni Pelli, an Israeli lawyer specializing in the defense of human rights in the Palestinian Territories, explains: We find that less than 1% of complaints filed by Palestinians against soldiers end in accusations “.

In a report from a few days ago in Hebron, a Palestinian who crossed a control Israeli says: You know, our life is worthless to them. All it takes is a sidelong glance for an Israeli soldier to take you down. It can always be justified, putting a knife next to your dead body. He will pretend that you wanted to attack him. “. Is he telling the truth? Is he exaggerating? This information has just been verified.

Last week, the Israeli army released a report: Palestinian shot dead after attempting to carry out attack on Israeli soldiers in Silwad, near Ramallah “. In their statement, the soldiers are formal: They only defended themselves from an aggressor “. Bad luck for the soldiers, everything was filmed. The images are spread on the internet.

A Palestinian is sprayed with tear gas. They throw a stun grenade at his car. When he is forcibly removed from his vehicle, he is completely disoriented. Blinded, he barely makes out his surroundings. He fights in the midst of the soldiers. One of them ends up shooting him, aiming for his upper body. They kill him, in front of his son. The soldiers lied. The Israeli army now admits it: there was no attempted attack. An investigation is opened.

Relaxation of shooting rules

In the middle of it all, the new israeli government, led in particular by the extreme right, seeks to relax the rules of engagement for its soldiers. That is, what time are they authorized to shoot.

Within the Israeli army, some officers oppose it. ” But it is not to protect the Palestinians. The army values ​​your reputation above all else. He cares more about appearances than consequences. “Explain in particular Yesh Din and Breaking The Silence, the Israeli NGOs against the occupation. Because the Jewish state presents its army as ” the most moral army in the world “.

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