load shedding undermines the population, which shows

load shedding undermines the population, which shows

load shedding undermines the population, which shows

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The main opposition party, the center-right Democratic Alliance, rallied thousands of people to protest in the streets of Johannesburg and Cape Town against power cuts.

With our correspondent in Johannesburg, claire bargeles

the country knows an unprecedented energy crisis, with a record number of blackouts in 2022, due to the inability of the national utility Eskom to produce enough power. In Johannesburg, he went in front of the ANC headquarters where the opposition made sure to show their discontent to denounce the inaction of the ruling party.

It’s a blue tide that swept through the streets of the city center. Dressed in a T-shirt in her party colors, Andrinah, 25, is exasperated by the power outages: “ I have a small business: I sell French fries and sandwiches called “kotas”. And with every load change, I’m unfortunately forced to close, which means I lose money, and people are disappointed and look elsewhere. »

Not to mention that Eskom could increase electricity prices by more than 18% starting next April.

Siviwe Gwarube, Democratic Alliance parliamentary group leader, believes her party has better solutions to offer: We would like to integrate the independent power producers immediately, in order to alleviate the pressure currently on Eskom. And in the long term, we would look at the business model of the company and how to restructure it. Eskom must be divided into more manageable portions and there must be more players that can come into play. »

The rally also attracted people like Thembelani: he is not close to any political party, but he went so far as to express his anger at the situation: “ My main concern is that the government has let us down. I’m fed up, our government is burying us in a big hole. »

ANC activists also rallied to defend their party and blamed the Eskom leadership for the cuts. The two processions were kept at a distance by the police.

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