the citizen movement Lucha denounces that the country is “sinking under Félix Tshisekedi”

the citizen movement Lucha denounces that the country is "sinking under Félix Tshisekedi"

the citizen movement Lucha denounces that the country is “sinking under Félix Tshisekedi”

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According to the accusation of the Congolese citizen movement, President Félix Tshisekedi added this Wednesday, January 25, four years at the top of the largest French-speaking country in the world, without impacting the lives of the Congolese.

With our correspondent in Kinshasa, Pascal Mulegwa

The movement first criticizes governance peppered with sweeping promises, faltering diplomacy and a strategy of ” everything except who resurrected » the rebellion of the M23. A harsh accusation.

But that is not all. For the movement, the head of state would have taken ineffective, costly and dangerous measures that worsened the security situation. The same thing happens on the political level, La Lucha accuses the regime of having reinvented the dictatorship and reincarnated corruption: “ We note a strong strategy to control all the institutions of an iron house, there is a form of totalitarianism that takes hold because dissident voices are violently repressed. Tshisekedi has not managed to lift the Congolese out of poverty, there is a deterioration in purchasing power. Corruption, we believe, has been normalized. The movement calls for a vote of sanction.

This irritates the lieutenants of the regime. They praise free primary school, political stability, the fight against embezzlement and active diplomacy. The Congolese presidency, for its part, considers that these observations are not objective and praises the achievements of the Head of State.

Tina Salama, spokesperson for the president, attacks Lucha’s lack of objectivity, which, according to her, has lost its way. ” We managed to sell the country at a very high level. They even dare to criticize our environmental policy when the whole world today knows that the DRC is making its voice heard. We managed to lift the weapons notification regime. Today it would be more appropriate for Lucha to come out of nowhere and assume itself as an opposition political party. “, he defends himself.

Even when the pro-Tshisekedi brandish the budget that has quadrupled, going from 4 to 16 billion, the Struggle criticizes: the essential goes to the spending of political institutions. The movement calls for improving the management of public finances and obtaining more resources for military operations and humanitarian assistance.

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